New Construction Program

roof constructionThe Public Sector Energy Efficiency New Construction Program (New Construction Program) offers financial incentives to facilitate implementation of cost-effective energy efficiency improvements for new construction or major renovation projects.  Incentives available to the public sector are based on exceedance of the minimum requirements of the Illinois Energy Conservation Code (IL ECC), aka “beyond-code” measures.  

Public sector programs will be administered by investor-owned utilities in Illinois starting June 1, 2017.  For the transition period of June 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017, most public sector services and incentives are expected to remain unchanged from the Illinois Energy Now programs administered by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.  

NOTE: Energy efficiency incentives for the private sector are available to customers through utilities.


  • Public sector new construction and/or major renovation projects in ComEd, Ameren, Nicor, Peoples and North Shore utility territories
  • Building gross area of at least 15,000 sf
  • Major renovation projects with improvements on at least two of three systems (interior lighting, HVAC and envelope)
  • Contact SEDAC if your new construction and/or major renovation projects do not satisfy above criteria.  SEDAC can help you apply for other programs. 


  • Prescriptive: Based on specific measures
  • Custom: Based on energy savings calculated by whole-building energy model and/or based on energy savings calculations for measures not included in Prescriptive incentives
  • High Performance Design Bonus: Based on % beyond code energy cost savings for projects with whole building energy model

What is Needed to Apply

For Pre-approval Application:

  • Completed application
  • 100% Construction Documents (Drawings and Project Manual)
  • Copy of utility bills or letter from utility certifying that the building will use that utility for delivery
  • Prescriptive projects must also include manufacturer's specification sheets for all eligible equipment
  • Custom projects must also include baseline and proposed energy model inputs and outputs and/or documents to justify energy savings calculations

For Final Application:

  •  Additional documents are required including Certificate of Substantial Completion and Certificate of Occupancy

New Construction Projects in Early Design Phase

Contact SEDAC if you have questions on energy efficiency design strategies or technologies.  SEDAC can offer advice and referrals that can enable you to achieve higher performance and reduce operating costs for the owner and/or tenant.

Codes and Standards

All new buildings built in the State of Illinois are required to meet the minimum standards of the current Illinois Energy Conservation Code (IL ECC).  All incentives are based on exceedance of the minimum requirements of this code.  The current version of the code references the following model code or standards to meet compliance:

While the IL ECC sets the required minimum energy efficiency standard for new buildings, major renovations, and new building systems: SEDAC recommends the use of additional standards and references to achieve higher (beyond-code) energy efficiency goals.  Recommended references and standards include:

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